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Winter Spey Fishing for Steelhead

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River Spey salmon fishing with Ian Neale

Spey fishing is a great technique for salmon and steelhead for a few reasons: It’s an efficient way to cast heavy sink tips and big flies. To get the attention of big ocean-going fish like salmon and steelhead, we often need to use gear that delivers a big lure at depth. Big flies and sink tips are heavy, and casting them with a traditional overhead cast is just a lot of work. Spey rods are bigger and more powerful, and they make launching this junk across the river a lot less work.

• Spey fishing almost exclusively with heavy sink tips and large flies – Skagit Short
• Fishing indicator rigs with nymph/egg patterns – Switch line
• Overhead casting in the surf or on a lake for maximum distance – OutBound Short
• Everything else – Scandi Short VersiTip

Fishing with Ard Stetts | Fly and Spey fishing in Alaska.

Spey Fishing Schools in Session Daily during Season
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Spey Fishing Steelhead How To Fly Fish DVD Video

I think that fly shops are too interested in selling a $700 rod than a $70 line. The line is equally important. Red’s Shed lets you try lines, but very few other shops do. The line windows of the rod maker are very large since they don’t want to miss selling to someone who already has a line.
The wrong line on the finest rod results in an unhappy client and no return sales. I nearly quit spey fishing in 2004, but the right line made the difference.

Spey fishing is a specialized form of fly-fishing that involves long rods (usually 11 to 14 feet) cast with both hands, purpose-built spey lines, and a set of specific casts that are all based on the roll cast. Using various steps to set up the cast, the angler ultimately forms a D-loop—a loop of line between the tip of the rod and the water—to load the rod, and then uses a simple roll-cast-like stroke to deliver the line forward.