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Stingrays Eating Fish The venom can cause intense

Most people don’t know that Stingrays are fish. In fact, many people take excursions around the reefs of Bora Bora and Morea to swim with giant rays and actually hand feed them.

Hey guys. If you want a exotic aquarium, you can feed this amazing fish breed which is stingray fish. More people know them which live in sea. But one type of them lives in freshwater. They are usually black colour and they have got White points.

Some informations about about Giant freshwater stingray: The giant freshwater stingray has a relatively thin, more or less oval-shaped pectoral fin disk and minute eyes. The snout is very broad with a projecting triangular tip. The mouth is small, with 4--7 papillae (2--4 large central and 1--4 small lateral) on the floor. The whip-like tail measures 1.8--2.5 times the length of the disk and lacks fin folds. The serrated spine on the tail is the largest of any stingray, reaching 38 cm long. It is covered with a sheath of toxic mucus and is capable of piercing bone.

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Hey everyone when i got my tank from pets at home they gave me a filter with the tank which was a elite stingray 15. as far as i can see it has been working fine but the problem im having is yesterday i lost my 2nd fish to it. what the fish do is go behind it between the glass and filter and somehow get stuck in behind where the motor goes. i have made a little net and ...

Moon phases have a direct and significant effect on tides which in turn have an effect on freshwater stingray fishing. Wind, rain & temperature plays a surprisingly small role on the fishing but the tide is the primary determining factor for successful fishing. From low tide a slow turn to incoming tide followed by a drawn out run of water will allow for a good 6-7 hours of fishing before high tide - this is perfect - refered to as 'good water.' To have 4-5 hours of 'good water' is deemed fishable but if there is less than 4 hours of 'good water' the chances are slim. Fish Thailand guides and boatsmen will know upto 5 days in advance what the conditions and therefore chances of a hookup are going to be. Flexibility is the key to success when booking a fishing trip and if the tides are not favourable for the proposed day then a substitute day is strongly advised to have available.