Spring Sturgeon Fishing: April – June

4-5 inch Albino Harlequin Live Sturgeon Fish (Very Rare Fish)

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Sturgeon fishing near Vancouver on the Pitt River and Pitt Lake is an adventure that anglers never forget. We fish the clear waters where the lower Pitt River flows into the deep lake. This is a far different experience than fishing the muddy, fast flowing, often crowded waters of the Fraser River. The Pitt River is little known to fishermen, but we know it to be the home of some of the biggest sturgeon on the planet.

Big game isn’t just on land – it’s swimming in the scenic Fraser river of Vancouver, too. At Sturgeon Hunter, we specialize in finding and catching the biggest fish in North America: White Sturgeon. We employ the most knowledgeable, professional Sturgeon fishing guides in Vancouver, BC. With nearly two decades of experience in the fishing industry, Sturgeon Hunter knows where the fish are; people who want to catch the big ones come to us.

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Uncured Salmon Roe is my favorite bait for sturgeon fishing in the delta.  I attach my roe using a roe snell knot which is commonly used by salmon and steelhead fisherman.  If you don't use this knot use some magic thread to wrap your roe to the hook.  I like to use 8/O Owner cutting point hooks with roe.
If you get a lot of junk bites, switch to roe balls.  You can put your hook directly through a roe ball - no thread or special knots are needed.  For tips on processing and storing roe for sturgeon fishing click HERE.

Uncured salmon roe and lamprey on a hook.  The white stuff below the roe is a cotton ball soaked in shrimp oil.

Sturgeon Fishing Halted Amid Mysterious Die Off

These fish were once killed as a nuisance bycatch because they damaged fishing gear. When their meat and eggs became prized, commercial fishermen targeted them. Between 1879 and 1900, the Great Lakes commercial sturgeon fishery brought in an average of 4 million pounds (1.8 metric tons) per year.

The year started early with my friend Geoff, Sturgeon fishing addict extraordinaire wanting to come fishing in January. It was winter I said “are you nuts” to which he replied, “my friend and I have time off and this is when we can come, we know the fishing will be okay, we will take our chances.” I agreed and probably gave my head a shake at the same time.