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Within easy driving distance of Vancouver is the best sturgeon fishing found anywhere in the world. The Fraser River is British Columbia’s largest river and is home to an incredibly healthy population of white sturgeon, North America’s largest freshwater game fish. We offer trips to two different locations on the Fraser, fully guided to get you into excellent fishing almost all year long!

When you plan your BC sturgeon trip with us we make sure you fish with our crew of the best guides on the Fraser and we only offer prime dates, if fishing isn’t any good we’ll let you know. The two locations we offer are easily accessible from Vancouver for the day. Our Chilliwack sturgeon fishing charters from Chilliwack, BC, about 90 minutes east of Vancouver. This is our most popular trip, with a long season from March to November of consistently great fishing. The Upper Fraser Canyon trips are just a bit further up the Fraser and offer remote fishing for the Fraser’s biggest sturgeon! Book your trip with confidence that you’ll be fishing in comfort on top of the line jetboats with the best sturgeon guys in BC. Lots more info below and on the tabs above, thanks for checking us out, we look forward to earning your business.

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Sturgeon Fishing in , Canada is recognized internationally as an incredible sport fishery. British Columbia’s Fraser River is not only the biggest salmon-producing river system found anywhere, but it’s also one of the top sturgeon fishing destinations in the world. This can be attributed to the large and increasing population of sturgeon present in the Fraser River and its tributaries, as well as the incredible sizes that they can attain. Each year, many anglers plan their with our company to get a chance at battling with North America’s biggest freshwater game fish. If you’re looking for that ultimate challenge in freshwater sport fishing, than sturgeon fishing is for YOU! We recommend you try it at least once in your lifetime.

There’s no bigger beast swimming the freshwater rivers of North America than the white sturgeon. This is the biggest freshwater game fish on the continent and within 90 minutes of Vancouver you’ll be on the best sturgeon fishing river in the world! The Fraser, British Columbia’s largest river, is home to a healthy population of these unbelievable fish and our day trips from Chilliwack will put you into the heart of some of the river’s most consistent fishing. Marc guides on the stretch of river from Yale to Mission, a distance of approximately 65 miles (110 km).