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Yoshikawa Saltwater Fishing Rolling Swivel #3/0 200Lb Connector Terminal Tackle (pack of 40)


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We have received numerous questions from our online visitors (and the private ) regarding the use of swivels on fishing leaders. And after hearing so many different questions (and some horrible advice that accompanied in some of the comments), we knew we had to make this blog to clear up when (and when not) to use a swivel.

I’ve never fished saltwater flats but was wondering if swivels would help keep grass off the hook/baits. I would use small swivels fishing in MI to help keep the soft vegetation off hooks and baits. Does that not happen with vegetation in FL?. What about using a swivel to keep egg sinkers from sliding down to the hook. Do people use egg sinkers when saltwater fishing for any type of fish?.

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1.5 times stronger than standard barrel swivels

These rolling fishing swivels are made from quality steel with precision, we are that confident we offer a money back guarantee. These Bulk swivels packs offer amazing value. The Range offers a complete assortment of tackle to meet the needs of todays discerning angler. Both innovations in both design and quality materials are used to offer quality products at affordable prices. These swivels for fishing are aimed at

Prevent line tangles when saltwater fishing with the Rite Angler Barrel Snap Swivels 135lb, 4-Pack. The swivel connects fishing line to a hook, lure or sinker and pivots with the movement of your bait or hooked fish to avert line twists and possible breaks. Black.