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If you like fishing for Carp, Bass, Trout or Salmon using Telescopic Fishing Poles or Telescopic Fishing Rods, Fly Fishing or Tenkara rods, Surf Casting, Spinning or Bait Casting Rods then we are proud to present a wide selection and great deals for all your fishing needs. If you enjoy fishing with very light, powerful and sensitive rod made of a Higher Modulus Graphite Carbon, manufactured in Japan, then this is your guide to the top quality fishing tackle.

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    Telescopic fishing poles are used for panfish like crappie, perch,and bluegill. The extending pole allows the fisherman reach furtherinto the water being fished.

    For people who are fond of fishing or angling, they must be familiar with mini carbon telescopic fishing pole which is a functional and practical fishing tackle. This fishing pole is the most famous and popular fishing pole on the market.
    This fishing pole is designed to collapse down to a short length and open to a long rod. 20 or even 30 ft rods can close to as little as a foot and a half. This makes the pole very easy to transport to remote areas or travel on buses, compact cars, or public buses and subways.
    This mini carbon telescopic fishing pole is made from the same materials as conventional multipiece pole. Graphite, carbon, and sometimes fiberglass, or composites of these materials, are designed to slip into each other so that they open and close. The eyes on the spinning rods are generally, but not always, a special design to aid in making the end of each section stronger. Various grade eyes available in conventional poles are also available in telescopic fishing poles. The eyeless Tenkara style poles are also of this type and are typically made from carbon or graphite.
    This telescopic fishing pole is popular among surf fishermen. Carrying around a 12 or 14 ft surf fishing rod, even in 2 pieces, is cumbersome. The shorter the sections the shorter they close, the more eyes they have, and the better the power curve is in them. More eyes means better weight and stress distribution throughout the parabolic arc. This translates to further casting, stronger fish fighting abilities, and less breaking of the pole.
    So far, you can have a general knowledge of the mini carbon telescopic fishing pole from the above. It is obvious that this fishing pole is really useful and practical for fishing. It is no wonder that so many people adopt this fishing pole for fishing.