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AC Tropical Fish started out as a site for tropical aquarium fish keepers, but has now grown to include several other areas as well such as coldwater species and the set up and maintenance of a saltwater aquarium. For aquarists interested in keeping saltwater fish we have a rapidly growing collection of articles regarding the saltwater aquarium and its inhabitants. A saltwater aquarium is usually more complicated to handle than a basic freshwater tropical fish tank, but your invested time and efforts will be rewarded by the possibility to keep remarkably beautiful and fascinating saltwater fish species such as Clown fish, Damsel, marine Angel fish and various sharks. Some saltwater aquarium enthusiast will create miniature ecosystems in their saltwater aquarium and house not only saltwater fish, but also coral, anemones and crustaceans. For those interested in a true challenge it is even possible to keep more extraordinary animals such as Jelly fish, Squid and Octopus in a saltwater aquarium. Such species are usually kept alone in a species saltwater aquarium without any saltwater fish. Our species database for saltwater fish is continuously being updated and we can today offer more than 120 species profiles for saltwater fish species commonly found in the saltwater aquarium.

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Everyone is very welcome to join our forum here at AC Tropical fish. If you have a question about the set up and maintenance of a tropical fish aquarium that you can’t find the answer to in the tropical fish articles library or in our tropical fish species profiles, some of our well-informed members will most likely be able to help you out. Our staff will usually answer any question posted in our aquarium forum within 24 hours. The forum is not only a place where people discuss tropical aquarium fish in general; it is also a place to rant and rave about your latest aquatic endeavors. Did you manage to breed your Betta? Are you hesitant about which type of African cichlids that you want to select for your next reef valley aquarium? Have you finally managed to put together your Do It Yourself tropical fish aquarium? Share your experiences with tropical fish enthusiasts from all over the world.

It's been said that watching these Tropical Aquarium Fish can relax you and relieve stress. That is true but it's much more than that. It's and exciting world. It's fun and exciting and your friends and family will enjoy your passion. This site will teach you the simple basics of maintaining, caring and just having fun with this hobby.