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South Bend Trout Snelled Hook, Pack of 36 (Assorted)


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If you want to know how to hook a worm effectively and catch more fish, our fish catching gang hooks are your answer. As we said they were originally used as trout fishing hooks, and still are to this very day, but are incredibly effective for virtually any species of freshwater game fish. Whether you are hooking a worm, want to learn how to hook a worm, are using these trout fishing hooks to make a Powerbait rig, or just need some effective live worm rigs that present your worm realistically, it has never been easier or more effective than with the fishing hooks known as JRW fish catching gang hooks.

Our fishing hooks are most notably used as trout fishing hooks or for drift fishing in a river or stream for many other fresshwater fish species. Many customers say they are the best fishing hooks they have ever used. The truth of the matter is that our fishing hooks are effective for any species of fish where worms are being used as bait. Our hooks make the perfect worm rigs, whether you are talking about small fishing worms, such as red worms, large fishing worms such as night crawlers, or even synthetic worms such as Berkley Power worms or .

However, it can easily be frustrating and very boring for the kids

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Double your chances of catching 'short striking' fish with JRW super gang hooks. Our fishing hooks, known as gang hooks (which make great trout fishing hooks) are perfect for hooking a live worm for fishing and will catch more fish than any other style of fishing hooks. Our guess is that the reason that you are here is because you want to catch more fish, are we right? Well, our fish catching gang hooks will help you do exactly that. These hooks aren't magic, they are a simple idea, that it just so happens are incredibly effective, especially when it comes to .