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Using underwater fishing lights, set one light out further out then the other, this will steer the shrimp in these directions, great way to steer shrimp to strongest dipper.

If your setting 3 underwater fishing lights, your frame net has to be in a boat location where it is out of the dip net kill zone. Deploying 3 lights will break up the shrimp stream and they will not find the frame net. This is why I use the pipe technique when I deploy 3 kill zone lights. A (3) light set interferes with frame net results re-directing the shrimp all over the place reducing the harvest. So I push my frame net out of the way and set up its own “goal post” routine using a 4th light to herd the shrimp. Each light is shown in the diagram below as “green” dots.

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Using 2 underwater fishing lights, open them up and create a path of dark water. The shrimp will go between your lights and right into the awaiting frame net on in the center on the opposite side of the lights. If your using 3 -4 lights, look at diagram to left, I am herding them using light.

Underwater fishing lights are used to attract small fish to the site you are fishing. In a study conducted at the University of Michigan, scientists Edward Baylor and Frederick Smith were able to prove that zooplankton is affected by light. Zooplankton is the main source of food for smaller fish. By attracting zooplankton, the light attracts the smaller "bait" fish, and in turn the larger game fish are likely to follow. These lights can be made of things you have around the house or made to be used time and time again. Before you undertake this project, make sure you know which "bait" fish you are trying to attract and how deep these fish live so you know how long the wire should be cut and what weight to use to keep the light down in the water.