Description: caught a white fish

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Other Names: Frostfish, Round Fish, Menominee Whitefish

Adult Size: Round whitefish are relatively long-lived with individuals up to 8 years of age common in most lake populations. Growth tends to be slower than that of lake whitefish and few individuals seen greater than 18 inches. Lengths usually range from 10-14 inches.

Identification: Round whitefish are noticeably cylindrical in body shape. They are dark brown on the back fading to silvery sides and silvery-white below. Pectoral and pelvic fins are typically light orange in color. Scales are large. An adipose fin, characteristic of members of the Salmonid family, is located on the back between the dorsal and caudal fins. The mouth is small and toothless as adults.

A flaky white fish. Very mild and perfect for fish and chips.

  • Whitefish Lake First Nation, Ontario
  • finely chopped onion, olive oil, white fleshed fish, lemon juice and

    My father would also buy a couple of whitefish, a tub of herring, some smoked sable, and a little bit of smoked sturgeon. To this day, I have not eaten smoked fish as good as these were. But then again I do not live on the east coast where for you can still buy these tasty delicacies if you are willing to spend $25.00 to $45.00 per pound that is, not including shipping.

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