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Master Sportsman Women's Alpine Fishing Vest (Khaki/Pink, Medium)


Womens Fishing Vest Fishing vest

A vest is a garment covering the upper body. What separates a fishing vest from a vest is that the fishing vest carries a profusion of external pockets for carrying fishing tackle and other items. There should be enough pockets to hold all of your equipment. Our fishing vests contain many external pockets for carrying items such as clippers, leaders, tippets, wallets, keys, line cleaners, weights, floatants, and various other tools. Vests are generally worn over a shirt or sweater but can be worn on the bare skin for keeping cool in hotter weather. Fishing vests are sleeveless vests and are extremely heavy duty. We offer only high quality vests, most first time vest buyers buy a cheap vest thinking that it is the same thing as a more expensive version. This is not true; in fact, a good quality vest with proper care will last for years and years. Cheap vests will break down easily, and the thread will start unraveling much sooner than a quality vests. Cheap vests are usually not as comfortable, and the pockets are not in good places or the right size for all your equipment. Fishing vests are also lightweight, heavyweight vests could create fatigue and discomfort. Our fishing vests are great for both kids and adults. Fishing vests are also known as fishing vest, fly fishing vest, fly fishing vests, vest for fishing, youth fishing vest, kids fishing vest, men fishing vest, womens fishing vest, vests for fishing, fishing equipment, fishing shop, fishing supplies, fishing clothing, fly fishing gear, fishing jacket, fly fishing equipment, fishing apparel, fishing jackets, etc.

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