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The defense's chief expert witness was , a psychiatrist with an emphasis on child development who conducted psychiatric examinations for the New York criminal courts. During two days of testimony, Wertham explained Fish's obsession with religion and specifically his preoccupation with the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22:1–24). Wertham said that Fish believed that similarly "sacrificing" a boy would be for his own sins and that even if the act itself was wrong, angels would prevent it if God did not approve. Fish attempted the sacrifice once before but was thwarted when a car drove past. Edward Budd was the next intended victim, but he turned out to be larger than expected so he settled on Grace. Although he knew Grace was female, it is believed that Fish perceived her as a boy. Wertham then detailed Fish's , which in his mind he associated with . The last question Dempsey asked Wertham was 15,000 words long, detailed Fish's life and ended with asking how the doctor considered his mental condition based on this life. Wertham simply answered "He is insane". Gallagher cross-examined Wertham on whether Fish knew the difference between right and wrong. He responded that he did know but that it was a perverted knowledge based on his opinions of sin, atonement and religion and thus was an "insane knowledge". The defense called two more psychiatrists to support Wertham's findings.

Another very fascinating feature that caught every ones attention, was the trolling motor option kit offered. The X guys came up with a seat operated steering system, as we all know fish normally go in the opposite direction when you really hook up. The X Fish allows you to turn 180 degrees around, and when doing so, it automatically turns the bow to the fish when the trolling motor is on, another very slick idea, that really works. X also will offer a keychain speed controller that could allow the operator to retrieve the board back to himself in the case he falls off….(we all been there…..right)

The fish that just swam by … X Fish Names

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As pictured, you can see a very low profile (7”) which makes this new fishing board very slick. X Fish has a new proprietary bottom technology that received a patent just recently, and claims to be un-roll-able. The owner did state for the record, he’s been pitched off the board being blindsided by a cabin cruiser wake, kinda “like getting pitched over the handlebars of your bicycle….” The learning curve takes about 5 minutes, after you find your balance points. Standing up fly fishing is a breeze, with no hardware hang ups on the sides or the deck area. Water intake on the deck flows off due to its design, allowing the rider to be almost totally dry, and as the owner stated, he’s wears shoes and socks normally.

XFish Micro Skiff by Rigid Boats lies somewhere between kayaks, paddle boards and the conventional shallow water skiff market. Versatile, gas or electric powered skiff that can float in 4 inches of water and features unmatched stability to Fish, Hunt or Explore.