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Wild Caught, Fresh Key West Yellowtail Snapper 3.5 lbs


Yellowtail Shootout – San Diego Yellowtail Fishing Tournament

Summer yellowtail fishing is known for huge quantities of yellowtail and overnight, ¾ day, and even ½ day trips can target these game fish. Unlike in the spring, yellowtail during the summer months usually June, July and August can be found in a number of different areas from floating kelp paddies any place in the ocean, to local islands, to coastal areas and reefs. Most of the summer yellowtail are caught with either live bait or artificial jigs. The same techniques for using both the live bait and iron jigs in the spring apply. Lighter line for coastal and kelp paddy fish usually means more bites and a decision needs to be made between more bites and getting more fish to the boat in terms of line selection.

The yellowtail is considered to be the most valuable of the three yellowtail fish. The yellowtail is oilier in texture than the other two. It’s also the most expensive and valuable out of the three. It has a fairly deep flavor to it along with a fairly light red skin. The oils have a bold, sweet aftertaste to them that’s very nice. Yellowtail is best caught during the winter, which is when its texture is a lot oilier. However, you have to be careful eating yellowtail caught in season because the high amount of oils make it difficult to tell how much soy sauce you should add to it. The oils repel the soy sauce, so it’s both difficult to get a lot of soy sauce on it and also very easy to overdo the condiment. You can also use wasabi with buri and ponzu with Hamachi.

2 -7 ounces portions fresh yellowtail fish fillets; 1 ..

This stylish California Yellowtail Fish Replica 39" fish mount is the perfect nautical or beach decor for any home, office, restaurant, or bar. Handcrafted Nautical Decor replicates each mounted fish by hand, using an actual fish as the template, and airbrushes each to resemble that particular species' distinct color patterns. Each replica's overall length is determined by measuring from the tip of the mouth, along the lateral line to the fork in the tail, then running the distance from the fork to the end of the longest tail length. True nautical classics, mounted fish are both excellent additions to any collection and unique conversation pieces in their own right.

Key Features:
  • Realistic Life-like Features
  • Light weight, half mount design for easy hanging, moving, and cleaning
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Dockside Use
  • Crafted from Fiberglass
  • Meticulously hand painted for authenticity

Yellowtail Damselfish (Chrysiptera parasema) - LiveAquaria

Spring yellowtail fishing is known for large yellowtail with some of the largest yellowtail of the year caught at this time. Good numbers can be caught as well but with the average size much larger, many more fish are lost for a number of reasons all due to the size of these fish.

As the third of the Big Three Yellowtail fish used in sushi, yellowtail amberjack has a taste and flavor all its own. The taste of the yellowtail amberjack is very flavorful. It’s close to the yellowtail, but it has a lot less fat than that fish, plus the taste of the yellowtail amberjack is usually considered to be better. It isn’t as oily in texture, either. The flesh of the yellowtail amberjack is a light pink.